When Winter Bites, the Snowbirds take Flight

And who could blame them? Thousands of people head south to warmer climates starting in the fall. Travel anytime of year is great, but there are times when the roads might seem a bit crowed, and one of those times occurs just as the temperature starts dropping in the fall. At that time millions of people crowd airports, train stations and bus terminals, heading for their winter home. If you’re travelling by air, there are restrictions on what you can take onboard in a carry on piece of luggage. Size, shape and the ability to fit it in the overhead bin is key, because if it doesn’t fit… you must check it. One rule that’s often over looked or mis-understood is the amount of liquids you can take aboard a plane. Is it a quart full in my suitcase, do I need to open the bottles to prove what’s inside? What’s the 3-1-1 rule again?
First, let’s focus on the carry-on bag. That’s where the rule of 3.4 oz per bottle of as many bottles as can fit comfortably in one (1) quart sized baggie means, you can have your little travel sized cosmetics in the carry-on suitcase, but the limit is one (1) baggie per person. Some people think this means one-quart sized baggie can only contain one little 3.4 sized item. For folks like me who love to bring their Pantene products, this is great. I can pack my shampoo, conditioner and gels and take them with me onboard the plane. Many times I make quick trips to see my son or daughter at school a few states over. Having my favorite Pantene products onboard saves time and money. Especially since I started using a pantene coupon from Groupon Coupons to make my purchases. I love the discount I get when I apply the Groupon coupon code for my Pantene products. My oily hair is a mess without those specially formulated and enriched shampoos.
I only need a few items on these quick trips, but this year we’re all heading to Australia. The flights will be longer, and the luggage heavier, but one thing’s for sure, I’ll pack my old favorites in my checked baggage. Remember – you can pack larger quantities of toiletries and cosmetics, and even some food stuffs in them.