Nevada Motorcycle Insurance (NV)

The Silver States offers some of the most epic rides in the American West, from snow-swept mountains to vast desert to the bright lights of Vegas and Reno. Of course, if you ride in Nevada motorcycle insurance is mandatory. Right here at Nevada Motorcycle Insurance, we can help you get your bike insured – or move to a more suitable, more affordable policy – without leaving your computer or smartphone. We help Nevada motorcyclists purchase the most appropriate plan with the lowest premiums by helping you to check NV motorcycle coverage from various powersports insurance companies with whom we have partnered. Examples include GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive, among others.

To put it accurately, you are stepping into an online marketplace where insurance providers must compete for your business, which ensures that you get the best possible deal. Starting your motorcycle insurance comparison is easy. Just submit your zip code.

Motorcycle Insurance: Nevada Laws

Riders in the Silver State don’t always have to have a really expensive, full coverage policy. According to state law, only motorcycle liability coverage is considered necessary. Liability coverage pays and renders service on behalf of an insured for loss arising out of his responsibility, due to negligence, to others imposed by law or assumed by contract. Nevada has laid out the minimum liability limits for which you need to have coverage. There are 3 minimum liability caps set forth:

  • For Injuries to a Single Person: $15,000
  • For Injuries to Two or More Parties: $30,000
  • For Damages to Personal Property: $10,000

Trying to determine how much coverage to purchase? On one hand, just carrying $15,000/$30,000/$10,000 in NV motorcycle insurance is the most cost effective way to go. But less coverage translates to higher risks that your insurance payout won’t cover your total health care costs if you injure or are injured by another motorist. Keep in mind that the cost of medical care and personal property often goes up more quickly than legislation gets changed.